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About us

This is what we are
Our history

Our acquaintance with health food supplements and nutrition for sportsmen took place as early as the beginning of the nineties of gene century thanks to coach work and close cooperation with different kind of sportsmen. Just at that time the first food supplements for sportsmen at more or less tolerable assortment started to appear at the Ukrainian market, though from the top of today is obvious that the choice was very little and the prices - sky high. There was so little information about them that their correct choice taking was of the question. We got interested, read special literature, spied at western colleges. It appeared to be very interesting and what was more important - extremely useful for health and reaching better results in sport.
It is necessary to say that the attitude to food supplements was more than negative due to ignorance of quacks in the sphere of improving sanitary conditions who tried to push non qualitative and frankly speaking non working supplements to the inhabitants the former USSR countries. We had to (and still have to) fight skeptical attitude of many people and even sportsmen towards useful and effective supplements. Even now a lot of people put food supplement in one line with anabolic steroids and drugs - which is the sigh of their illiteracy. This is how the idea of beginning not only to sale healthy food and sports supplement but also to start consulting. We managed to put to life our idea in 2000, when we open our first shop in Odessa.
Since that time we have expended net of our shops in Odessa and acquired constant clients. Interest to healthy life in our country has grown greatly and thanks to us our clients have became more intelligent in the sphere of correct of nutrition.

In 2006 we started our own Internet page - From the first steps we have chosen strategy - everything should be ours: all the presented by us information has been collected, translated into Russian and published by as personally. Making the description of the goods we use scientifical, medical and sport literature; a lot of reviews were taken from the sight of producer and translated by us into Russian. Majority of the articles is the result of work with foreign literature, help of physicians, consideration of opinions and expressions of our customers. In 2009 these the trade mark VitaMAN®.
2010 was started for us by the opening of the new sight and the new address  - so we hope that new design, high functioning and growing quantity of useful information on our new sight will be attractive to you.

Our goal

"Health of the nation - is the top of law" - this Latin proverb became our informal motto, as we consider this conception the main one when we present our goods and services. All food supplements that can be met in our assortment have been created only to gain the put goal - to strength your health. To create your body with exclusively the help of organic and verdure supplement.

Our goal

We popularize healthy stile of life. We help people to learn now accessible and active is strengthening of your health, gaining of excellent physical form with the help of correctly chosen food supplements.

About our production

Production which we offer to our customers is food concentrated product (protein and protein-carbohydrate mixture), vitamin complexes, definite food elements without which fully valuable balanced food allowance of modern active people and sportsmen are impossible. We offer food supplements which be useful for the widest circle of people, for improving immunal system, for protection against unfavorable environment influence and providing better quality of life.
Important peculiarity which singles out our assortment from many other products of this branch, is their obvious safety checked by us using, our own laboratory researched and their efficiency proved not only by our multiple customers. We propose products only of world leaders in the sphere of sanitary supplements and sports nutrition. The main criterion in choosing producers for us is exclusively stainless quality, unstained image of the producer but not magnitude of his advertisement budget. That's why you will not be able to find some doubtful producer still present at the Ukrainian market in our assortment.

For the time being our company is exclusively representative of the following trade marks on the territory of Ukraine.

InterACTIVE Nutrition (Canada) -

Best Body Nutrition (Germany) -


We offer unlimited servicer for our customers, including:
    *   Flexible system of discounts
    *   Piling discount cards
    *   Constantly replenishing base of informational resources - in printed or electrical type.
    *   Professional consulting in our shops
    *   Actions and presents   
    *   Deliver over Ukraine with choosing by transport service
    *   Cooperation with fitness-clubs,  improving centers, sports organization and distributors with wholesale prices


We gladly accept suggestion about cooperation from sports organizations fitness-clubs, sanitary centers and athletic gyms and also private persons as for the questions of distribution. We are ready to advise the best prices for the wholesale purchases, information and ad. support.
We will consider suggestion of participation in organizing sport and Entertainment action, different kind of competitions etc.
We are ready to consider suggestion about ad. changes. Accommodation of banner ads on our web-sight. We will consider suggestion about cooperation with definite perspective sportsmen and teams. We will be glad to any kind of cooperation, if the main goal of this cooperation is cooperation is popularization of healthy style of life.